Top 5 Things to Help Make Your Testing Experience Somewhat Easier

By Celia Boyer, junior


As AP testing and finals creep upon us, here are five ways to make your testing easier on you and your brain:

5. Study every day! Studying the night before a big test is NOT the way to go. Even studying 20 minutes every day before the test will better prepare you. As hard as it could be, make sure you are reading, doing flashcards, or reviewing homework.

4. Have a routine! Find a quiet spot, whether that’s in your room, at a coffee shop, outside. For everyone, the routine is different; find YOURS. Some like to study at night, some like to be with friends, figure out what works for you.


3. Have a study group! Figure out who you work well with, and who you don’t work well with. Designate someone who can keep you on your goals, don’t space out and get off task. Have snacks and all your study materials, and focus for a good amount of time. Your peers will help you and you can help them.


2. Test yourself! Creating your own test questions and answering them will help you get the content into your brain better.

1. Stay motivated! Just think…SUMMER! The more work you put into school now, the more you can relax in summer. Motivate yourself with quotes, videos, and thinking of your future.


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