Senior Top 5: Gabe Roosevelt

By Gabe Roosevelt, BHS Class of 2016

5. BSD Track & Field Invitational Volunteer

My junior year, was when I really first started getting into Marketing. I had the opportunity through Marketing to help out at the BSD Track & Field Invitational, a track meet for all the district’s special needs students. I got to play volleyball and help out with getting equipment places and make sure everyone was having a good time. All I could think about was how this little event was actually HUGE. Most of the participants may not get to experience something like this ever again. It made me overjoyed that I was able to be a part of something so impactful for them and I can’t wait to volunteer again this year.

4. Pink-out football game with Southridge

Usually we would hate to have any cars of students from Southridge in senior lot. But we were able to set aside our differences, have a good tailgate, meet new people, reconnect with old friends and eat goodish BBQ food. We were all able to have a good time listen to music dance and mingle and help spread awareness for breast cancer ( also I was able to make a cool video ).  I liked that we were able to put aside our differences for something bigger than us and be selfless in that way.

3. Marketing trip to Orlando

Gabe 1

My junior year, I had an amazing opportunity to go down to Orlando for an awesome marketing program where I got to learn more about Disney than I ever would’ve thought. I got to learn about Walt and his morals and how he was able to build the empire there is now. I was able to wake up early, go to morning seminars where we would walk around all different parts of Disney World and then when the seminars were finished we would have the rest of the day to roam free and go to any park we wanted to and ride any ride we desired.

2. Beating Southridge in basketball for Jam the Dam in the last second

Gabe 2

This was one of the closest Jam the Dams I have ever had the chance of being at and it was a great game. The whole time Beaverton and Southridge were neck and neck. Standing in the student section with the weak biting their nails and the courageous yelling chants at the other team and at the Southridge student section. Getting down to the last minute it seems like it is too close and the game will never end, but of course our Beaverton Beavers prevail and we come out on top in literally the last second.

1. Senior Prom

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Ohhhhhhhhh… Senior prom. A night to remember for sure. Definitely makes my #1 experience. Better than homecoming, better than sadies, prom was the dance to be at. Although the music wasn’t great it wasn’t horrible, we all know who we can blame for that..*cough*cough* But aside from the music it was such a great time being able to dance around, be with all of the people that have been riding with you for the past 4 years and then some.

Senior Top 5: Drew Roper

By Drew Roper, BHS Class of 2016


My name is Drew Roper, and I am a senior at Beaverton High School. During my four years at Beaverton High, I have made many memories with lots of great people. It is tough to narrow all of the memories I’ve made down to a specific top five.
So, to start this off my first memory was being apart of the Jam the Dam festivities. I had the astounding privilege of being able to hangout with two amazing Make-A-Wish kids over two years. Ozzie and Elijah were amazing and were truly so inspiring to be around.
My second memory was of being on prom court as Prince of Style. It was such a fun experience being able to be around such fun people, and getting to enjoy all of the weeks festivities. The prom assembly was awesome and all of the vibes were so cool to be involved with. Being on prom court was definitely one memory I will remember forever.
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My next memory was winning the Metro League Title in basketball. This feeling was unreal, especially after all of the handwork that was put in the whole season leading up to that moment. And just the ability to share that amazing memory with my teammates, who I got so close to throughout the season and summer. Winning the Metro League Title, and being able to have a trophy and a banner that hangs in the gym for as long as I will be around is such a surreal feeling.
Another one of my favorite and one of my most personal memories is when I created my own clothing brand called VUES Clothing. It is a small urban clothing brand that I am curating with some friends. The memory in BHS comes from when I completely sold out all the stock to students in BHS. After everything I have put into the clothing brand, it’s truly so motivating to keep creating when I see kids around school wearing and loving the products. You can check out the line on Instagram @vuesclo.
Last but not least, is the memory I hold closest to my heart and has truly shaped me into the man I am today; FOOTBALL. I love football, and everything the sport has done for me so far. The best memories I have made in high school without a count come directly from football and everyone that is involved with it. Throughout my four years playing high school football has really taught me a lot. It has taught me discipline, teamwork, persistence, goal setting, and a high you can’t buy. When I say this, I mean their is no way to replicate the adrenaline rush you get from a friday night football game. Fighting and scrapping with all you have alongside your teammates, and being successful, even in one play, is a moving experience. There is really nothing that can compare. And that is why I will remember my memories of high school football forever.

Senior Top 5: Peter Vos

By Peter Vos, BHS Class of 2016


5. Football Games

High School football games on Friday nights are a huge part of the beginning of each year. After four years, I am sad to say that the Friday night lights are behind me, but the team we had and the atmosphere we created as fans this past season was the best I’ve been a part of in my time at BHS. We only had 30 players on Varsity, which is not very many compared to most metro schools, and they played with a lot of tenacity and passion, enough so that they even made it to the quarterfinals of state. This year, we made it a tradition to have a “tailgate” of sorts, before every home game in senior lot, filled with music, food and a fun place for people to meet before games. I will definitely remember this past football season as a great high school memory, for how the team did and for how exciting it was to be a part of such a great student section.

Peter 1

4. a) Jam the Dam 2016

Jam the Dam is a huge factor that separates BHS from other schools. Other schools have tried to imitate our idea of collaborating with Make-A-Wish during a basketball game and raise money through sponsors and such, but frankly, no school compares to the one and only BHS Jam the Dam. Unfortunately, for the people who actually enjoy good basketball, we had to play Glencoe this year, but a win’s a win. The more exciting part is the waiting in line outside of Hottmann’s room right after school with music, chairs and snacks, with your friends, waiting to get your free t-shirt. Also this year, during the JV game, the sister of an opposing Glencoe player came over to the student section and told us to harass her little brother, #30. Since the game wasn’t very close, this was our game within the game. We booed the kid so hard whenever he would touch the ball and got silent after he passed it off. The administrators weren’t too fond of it after a while, so they told us to “stop booing #30”. So we did. And instead we booed every other Glencoe player who got the ball and were dead silent when #30 had it. Then the admin told us to stop again, so we cheered for every other player who got the ball except #30. We really got to this kid because I’m not sure he had more than 5 points. So, toward the end, we cheered whenever he got the ball. This was one of those times where something very impromptu turned out to work far better than something that was planned. Just another reason why I love being a part of the BHS student sections.

Peter 2

b) Rhythm Boys

Rhythm Boys is yet another BHS tradition that is unparalleled and it’s ridiculous and great at the same time. This is where the senior boys are taught a dance routine by our famous Rhythm B’s and we perform it at the halftime of Jam the Dam, full with crop top shirts, skirts and of course, fishnet tights. For practices, we split up into groups and we have 2 of the Rhythm B’s assigned to teach us, luckily we got two very very very patient girl’s assigned to be our teachers. My group, also known as “Team Skrrt”, had the most fun out of all the groups by far. The practices were filled with a lot of laughter and a lot of large games of “tag” throughout the school. The lead up to going out in front of 2,000ish people in those absurd outfits was very adrenaline filled. Although I was dressed like a fool, I felt very comfortable with my fellow seniors out there living up to the tradition.

Peter 3

3. Walk out #StandUpFG

This happened last Thursday, the 19th, and if you have any form of social media you most likely have some idea of what I’m talking about. Students of BHS walked out of school in a peaceful protest to support the school of Forest Grove that was doing a walk out of their own in a response to racist banners being hung in their school. I wasn’t in on the ground floor of this happening, but I noticed what was going on and jumped right in. One of the leaders of the movement was Manny Maciel, Manny was the Prom Prince of Kindness and subsequently Prom King. He is one of the most genuine people I’ve met and I would follow him almost anywhere. The protest was something that was done with good intentions and something that was widely recognized over multiple news outlets and to be a part of something like that is a memory that I’ll keep forever.

Peter 4

2. Tennis

I played tennis for the last three years at BHS, under the superb tutelage of one Matthew Hottmann, aka Hotty, but sadly it came to an end a few weeks ago. It’s pretty hard not to think about the end of my athletic career, but I gained so much in terms of friendships and memories from tennis, that I will always think of it and smile. Joining tennis was by far the best decision I have made in High School. Beaverton Tennis is more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle. We grew very close with one another during the course of a season and especially the 9 seniors we had, out of a total 18, because we all had been a part of tennis for so long. I’ll always look back on tennis and remember us as “The Cutest Team in Metro” and all the joking we did but more than that I’ll remember playing a sport I love and hanging out with some of my best friends everyday for 3 months each year.

Peter 5

1. Prom

Most of the other seniors have prom in their top 5 memories as well, so who am I break the trend? In all seriousness prom was a fantastic night and surpassed my expectations of what I thought my senior prom would entail. I had the most amazing date and danced all night with the rest of the senior class at the world trade center. I want everyone else to have the same fulfilling experience that I had so if other Juniors or underclassmen are reading this, I urge you to listen to my prom advice, make sure that you go with someone who you know you’ll have fun with because that’s the most important thing. Also, I would recommend staying until the end so you can have your special “Don’t Stop Believin’” moment with your whole class just like I did. Prom is an iconic time in most all High Schoolers lives, whether it’s good or bad, it’s something that most people remember no matter how many years have gone by, which is why I’m extra glad that mine was so great.

Senior Top 5: Nick Balashov

By Nick Balashov, BHS Class of 2016


Asking me to choose my top 5 memories from BHS, that’s asking a lot, considering I have so many good memories here, it’d be difficult to choose just 5.  It seems like just yesterday I was on a tour around Beaverton with my link crew being led by Zack McCann and Morgan Nobach. Although they probably don’t remember me, I still remember them because they introduced me to Beaverton and the awesome culture we have here.  That brings me to my first memory by the way…

5) First day of school

As I mentioned before my link leaders were Zack and Morgan, and seeing how old and mature they were let me know I had a lot of growing up to do in high school.  They did the normal stuff and showed our group around the school, and we had to go through our A and B day schedules so we knew where all our classes were, and they also gave us a bunch of advice that made the first few months of high school smoother.  This is one of my top memories because it influenced me a good amount, and it’s a day I’ll never forget.


4) Witnessing the freshmen football team beat Jesuit

Watching the class of 2016 freshmen football team was something else, they were practically unstoppable, well they were cause they were undefeated, but they did almost have one slip up versus Jesuit, until 2 of my best friends helped clinch the win.  1st off, Cole Cooper a good friend of mine kicked the field goal to put us ahead of Jesuit in the 4th quarter, then my friend CJ Lewis intercepts a Jesuit touchdown pass to clinch the win.  The best part was storming the field after to congratulate them, then getting talked to by Jesuit security about storming the field and to never do it again.


3) 2 buzzer beaters against Southridge

Alright we all know Southridge is our rival, and beating them in anything makes us feel just a little better about ourselves cause we have bragging rights.  So when I witnessed the varsity basketball team beat Southridge not once, but twice on 4th quarter buzzer beaters, it was a big deal.  It’s just one of those memories that I’ll never forget cause of the passion I felt about those wins, even though I was just supporting from the stands.


2) Getting Alex Morton to guest speak in Marketing Seminar

So my task was to bring in 1 guest speaker for the class to listen to, and I could’ve asked anyone, but Mrs. Robinson said to try and ask someone with a career that you want in the future.  So I automatically thought of Alex Morton, an entrepreneur I look up to.  The only problem was that he was massively successful and pretty hard to get ahold of, but the way I got his attention was on one of his first periscope livestreams, I commented and just asked him if he was interested and he told me yes, and we set it up from there.  This is a point in my life that gave me a lot of self-confidence, because at first when I thought about it, it seemed impossible.


1) Helping set up Jam the Dam junior year

My top memory is setting up the 10th anniversary of Jam the Dam because of all the work my team and I put into it to set up a great event for the school.  It was a good experience to set up an event that I loved attending so much already, and it really felt fulfilling when it was all over with because I knew we did a good job.



Senior Top 5: Harrison Farrier

By Harrison Farrier, BHS Class of 2016


  1. Senior Prom-Prom was definitely a night to remember; dancing and hanging out with my friends the whole night. It was great seeing everyone have so much fun.


2. Racquetball-This was my first year playing and I wish I had started playing sooner. I met so many people and made a lot of new friends.


3. Tailgates-It was so much fun getting together before all of the home football games; listening to music and eating hotdogs and hamburgers.


4. Football Games-I had a lot of fun chanting for all my friends that were playing and watching Southridge get beat on their field and then rushing it after the game.

5. Jam the Dam-It was a lot of fun going all four years of high school.  This was my first year waiting in line listening to music and watching kids playing video games on the TV that they brought.


Senior Top 5: Tatjana Schroeder

By Tatjana Schroeder, BHS Class of 2016

Top 5 High School Moments

1. Softball

Softball was one of the most memorable moments in high school. I was fortunate enough to make varsity and start as a freshman. For the first 3 years, I started at 3rd base then this year, as a senior I moved to right field. Through softball I was able to build so many relationships with girls I had never met before creating a such a strong bond!


2. Prom Court

This year, I was the Princess of Verbosity on the Prom Court. That means, I’m loud, outgoing, and say what is on my mind. Honestly, being on Prom Court was one of the best experiences! It was so fun being able to dress up daily with my friends and do different activities at lunch. At the end of the week, it was the best walking in the assembly with Faris faking a kiss with me!


3. Prom

PROM! OMG, best night ever! Prom was so great; it was so fun being with my whole class. We started the night with all going to Juliette’s house for pictures with about 100 kids all together. After pictures, I went to dinner with 2 other couples and then went to the dance. The dance was the greatest thing ever! We all just hella bonded and danced the whole night. It was the best night by far!!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

4. Chicago

During this year, I was also able to go to Chicago with other kids in my Digital Marketing class. It was a great experience to be at Social Media Week and learn the importance of social media. While in Chicago, it was so fun to bond with the other girls. By the end of the week, Kendall hated Emma and I for always being so loud and “annoying”. Oops!


5. Football Games

Lastly, football games were the greatest things! Looking back, I don’t know what I would done if I hadn’t gone to every football game. During football games, everyone got so rowdy and crazy, making it an amazing memory! Football games were the highlight of the week during the Fall. Every week, my friends and I would brainstorm what we were going to wear for that game to match the theme, it was great! Football games – by far – were one of the best memories from high school.


Senior Top 5: Carter Olsen

By Carter Olsen, BHS Class of 2016

High school is full of memories for most people. Me, I’m having a hard time remembering any special events from high school except for lacrosse memories, so excuse me for talking too much about lacrosse.

One memory that stands out to me and happened fairly recently was beating West Linn in lacrosse this year. They had been the state champions for the past two years, so going into the game, it was pretty intimidating. I remember after we won, it was the first time I had ever heard my coach say the “F” word. He said it in a good way, congratulating us on the win, but I think that is what made this memory stand out so much in my head.

Carter 2

My second favorite memory also happened this year. It is something that I will probably remember for a long time. Becoming the first ever Metro League champions from Beaverton High school in boys’ lacrosse. This season is something I will never forget, as it has been very successful and is not quite over yet.

My third memory would have to be Sadie Hawkins my junior year when I was elected prince. This is a fond memory because I had a great time with all the other princes and it was a great experience in all.

My fourth favorite memory was beating Central Catholic in the playoffs for lacrosse my freshman year. This memory made my top five because I played really well that game and I vividly remember the fans rushing the field after the win.

My fifth favorite memory would be Prom this year. It was so fun and way better than any other school sponsored dance. The venue was great, the music was perfect and everyone had a blast.

Carter 1

There are still memories to be made at BHS with less than a month left in school, like graduation, the senior talent show, and the senior camping trip. This chapter in my life is abruptly coming to an end and I’m excited but also sad because I know that I will miss many of the friends that I made here and will no longer see past high school.

Senior Top 5: Emma Egan

By Emma Egan, BHS Class of 2016

  1. Homecoming Court, sophomore year

    Being on the Homecoming Court was truly an amazing experience. I was in complete shock when I was kidnapped during the middle of the night. It was definitely one of the best experiences I had as an underclassman.


  2. Orlando Trip

    As a junior, I was able to go on the business and marketing trip to Orlando, Florida. I learned so much and was also able to experience the park at the same time!


  3. Second Team All-Metro Water Polo

    As a senior after some hard years including a shoulder injury and coaches changes, I was awarded 2nd-Team All-Metro. I was very proud and it made me feel as if I left with something important.


  4. Chicago Digital Marketing Trip

    In November 2015, I was able to have the opportunity to go to Social Media Week in Chicago. It was a blast, and I can’t even tell you how much I gained from this conference. It was my first time to the big city, and I would love to go back at some point!


  5. Prom Court 2016

    I was able to have the opportunity to be on prom court as the Princess of Humor. It was such a crazy, busy, and fun week; I would love to be able to do it again. Dressing up in crazy costumes, and making fools of ourselves was most definitely the best part.IMG_1264

Senior Top 5: Sam Noyer

By Sam Noyer, BHS Class of 2016


My name is Sam Noyer, and I am a senior and also a member of the 100th graduating class. In these past four years of my high school career, I have experienced many memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. My top five memories from high school are:
1. Last baseball season (Junior year), I pitched a complete game in the Metro League championship and hit a walk-off single to clinch the title against our rival, Westview.
2. This year, I signed my letter of intent to play college football at the University of Colorado in front of all of my friends, family, and teammates.
3. This year, I threw a game winning 70-yard touchdown to Carson Crawford on 4th and 13 in the 2nd round of playoffs to beat Tualatin and advance us to the Quarterfinals.
4. This year, I was on Prom court and selected as Prince of Ambition.
5. This year, I joined Student Leadership and we got to go on a beach retreat. This treat was so much fun and gave me the opportunity to branch out and get to know people I usually wouldn’t talk to.

Senior Top 5: Evan Barnard

By Evan Barnard, BHS Class of 2016


During the last four years that I have spent at Beaverton, I have made a lot of great memories, but my top 5 would have to be: football games, playing lacrosse, Prom, making it to the “Final Four” freshman year, and being ranked #1 in state for lacrosse. Not necessarily in that order, but those are definitely my top five memories.
Football season was always a highlight for me because that meant that we could start tailgating again. It was always a ton of fun to get dressed up in that week’s theme and go hangout for hours with all of my friends. I remember this one game that I went to with my friend Cortlandt Nelsen and the theme was “pink out”, so we decided to twin. We looked so good.
I have been playing lacrosse since  5th grade and it was always a lot of fun, but when I made the transition to high school lacrosse, it was so different. Everyone on the team was so close, and we all wanted to win every game, and everyone is playing lax because the love the game… not because there parents are making them.
My freshman year, I made the varsity lacrosse team and that year, we were the best team in Beaverton history. We weren’t the most talented team out there, but everyone on the team loved the game and they weren’t playing for themselves; they were playing for the team. We all wanted make it to the state championship but we fell a little short and ended up losing in the semis. It really sucked to lose, but that was the most fun season of lacrosse ever.
This year, I am the defensive captain for the lacrosse team, and we have a lot of talent. At the beginning of the season everyone said that Beaverton is the team to beat and honestly, they were right. The first game of the season, we beat the two-time defending champions, West Linn! After that we went on to beat all of the top 8 teams in state, and we swept Metro, earning us the #1 seed in state.

I haven’t always loved going to dances, and this year, I knew I was going to have to go because it was my senior Prom. I knew I couldn’t miss it. I really wasn’t looking forward to it, but when the night of prom came around, I was pleasantly surprised. It was so much fun. It was great getting dressed up and hanging out with everyone all night. I wish I could do it all over again.