Rhythm B’s: Behind the “Poms”

By Lindsey Smith, senior & Rhythm B Line Captain


The BHS Rhythm B’s are one of Beaverton High School’s longest traditions, having been around since 1958. Characterized as a dance/drill team, the Rhythm B’s perform at all home football and basketball games, as well as at several school assemblies throughout the year. Students count on the Rhythm B’s to be the final performance of each assembly and lead the  school in singing the “Fight Song.” But what most students don’t know about the Rhythm B’s, is what exactly goes on behind the scenes of an assembly performance. So today, as a three year Rhythm B line member/ team captain, I am going to bring you along behind the scenes of a typical assembly performance morning.
5:00 am: It all begins when the dreaded alarm goes off. Instantly a wave of anxiety, excitement, and stress rush over me all at the same time. First up is hair and makeup. Thankfully, I have had plenty of time over the years to master the traditional Rhythm B half-up, half-down hairstyle. After almost an hour of curling, combing, pinning, hair spraying and doing my dance makeup, I am finally performance ready! The last step is to put on the assigned team uniform, usually consisting of our performance skirt, dance leotard, fishnets, briefs, black slippers, and our “bling bow” as we like to call it. [Fun fact: The Rhythm B’s each have almost 40 different uniform pieces that are worn throughout the dance season].
Lindsey 4
6:00 am: After frantically running around my house trying to gather my car keys, phone, and lunch, it’s time to head to Dutch Bros to order our team’s signature drink (Blended Pixie Stick Rebel). Now that we are fully caffeinated, it’s time for morning practice to begin. One by one, all of the girls on the team arrive and we run through our dance several times looking for any last minute adjustments to be made.
8:30 am: After being excused from first period, it’s time to head to the main gym. It is usually absolute pandemonium in there. Assembly props are still being set up, the various performers are practicing, the band is running through their music, students are beginning to file in, and Sarm is directing over the microphone. While we wait for our run-through, I stretch with the team to make sure we are all limbered up for our splits and high kicks.
10:00 am: After all of the performers have finished, it is finally the end of the assembly and time for the Rhythm B’s. As we begin to line up, my adrenaline begins to kick in and for a moment I feel as though I have forgotten the entire dance. Then all of a sudden I hear Sarm say “…since 1958, please welcome your BHS Rhythm B’s” and I know it’s showtime! As I begin to march out with the team, I feel my stress simply melt away. A smile on my face grows as I see all of my friends and classmates cheering us on.
Although performance days are usually rather stressful and chaotic, performing in the BHS assemblies and getting to share a tradition that is so rich at my school is one of the most amazing feelings. As a senior, I will truly miss being able to perform with my fellow teammates in front of the school.
Team Heart
As always, life’s short, kick high!

One thought on “Rhythm B’s: Behind the “Poms”

  1. Lindsey – thanks for sharing your ‘Blog’ article. GREAT JOB!!!! I regret that we were only able to watch you & the girls once, however, thankful for that opportunity!! What an awesome experience this has been for you & now all the wonderful memories you will carry with you through out life. High School is such a huge part of our lives in preparing for future careers as well as development of ‘forever friendships’! Next Chapter in Life is even more exciting – USD here she comes!!!! GOOD LUCK!!! Love you forever & ever, grandma & grandpa

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