Best Decision Ever.

By Karley Hecht, junior


The summer before my junior year, I was so nervous. There are no words to explain the thoughts that would take over my brain all day, every day. The thoughts would be on repeat and wouldn’t stop until I went to sleep that night. Not everyone goes through the same thing that I went through, that’s for sure. It happens every summer. Not knowing who you’re going to sit with at lunch, who you’re going to be partners with in class (when you don’t have your one friend in that class), and silly things like that.

One thing changed all of this for me. It turned my whole outlook on junior year and even high school to happiness and not pure dread.What changed it, is a 3-word title: Social Media Team. My sophomore year at Beaverton High School wasn’t the greatest, until I applied to join the Social Media Team. That decision turned everything around. I actually wanted to go to school and interact with people because I knew what was to come next year.

 Blog 1

The Beaverton High School Social Media Team is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. What we do (with the help of our fabulous teacher Mrs.Robinson) is to develop and implement strategy and create content for the BHS Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter feeds – along with the podcast and blog – with beautiful faces, pictures, videos,  announcements, stories, and campaigns that highlight what is meaningful and relevant to BHS and its community.

Blog 2

One major event that I am so proud to be a part of is Social Media Week-Chicago. Mrs. Robinson took 10 students (including myself) to Social Media Week in Chicago. It was the best week of my life. I met so many new people, learned so many new things, and realized that high school is nothing compared to what the rest of my life could be.

Blog 3

Our community is so strong and youthful, that we strive, everyday, to make everyone feel at home and like they have meaning here at BHS. I am so thankful for the members on the Social Media Team and most importantly, Mrs.Robinson, for teaching me the ways of the team, how to step out of my comfort zone, how to interact with people I may not have interacted with before, and grow up into a young adult.

To this day (it hasn’t even been a year yet), I have my “acceptance letter” that Celia Boyer and Cole Johanson handed to me in the library hanging up in my room. It reminds me that every day, I can be proud of myself for stepping out and trying something new. My advice to everyone reading this is to try something new, and to challenge yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone. You never know what can happen!


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