Dear Seniors, (Prom Advice from an Alum)


To seniors:

Prom can be the best night of your life, or the worst night ever. It’s all about how you prepare for it or what your intentions are. ALWAYS have a plan. Know who is driving you to photos, to dinner, to the dance, and the after parties. Know where you are going to get ready, who is doing your hair, who is doing your make-up, and what you are going to change into after Prom. Be SMART. It’s easy to get in trouble before, after or during Prom; don’t do it if you think it’s risky. DON’T stress yourself out. It’s really not worth the stress. If your dress isn’t perfect, your hair doesn’t turn out, or you’re stressed about where you are going to get your make-up done, you won’t be focused on the experience of Prom, and won’t have fun. DON’T say yes to someone just because you feel badly; they can find another date. Go with someone you know you can have fun with, without it being awkward or weird. You are going to have to take pictures with them, go to dinner, and be with them all evening, and possibly even after Prom; that’s a long time to be with someone you don’t know or don’t want to necessarily be around. . HAVE FUN! Don’t over think things nor be worried about other people; have fun on your own with your friends, and enjoy the experience. Things won’t be exactly how you envision them, but be okay with that and you’ll have a blast.

-Malena Udani, Class of 2014



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