What a Busy Month

By Marilyn Navarro, senior


Ah April, sweet SWEET April. The month that brings flowers blooming, heat rising, and important date countdowns also causes a ton of stress. The fact that seniors have to get their plans all sorted out about what college they are going to attend in the fall plus finish completing their Senior Projects AND – of course – pick out the perfect dress or suit for Prom Night. Too many events too handle in such a short period of time.
Let’s start off by talking about our Senior Project. I mean, for all those out there who are procrastinators, you guys might want to get on that; they are due TODAY…in one hour.
College. Oh my! Honestly, in my case, it’s one of the hardest things to actually pick an option, but there might be more than a handful of you all who already know what their later years will look like. Others have to wait to see how much financial aid you will be allotted from colleges of their choice, or simply making the BEST choice for yourself and your career.
Prom shopping on the other hand involves patience, LOTS of it, as well as having appointments reserved for us ladies and time with creativity for all guys to think of a way to ask their special company for this unforgettable night.

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