Spring Weather Perils and Possibilities

By Kyle Durbin, senior


This weather we’ve been having has been really nice but it should’ve started during Spring Break for all the people who decided not to travel anywhere. The good weather had to come once school started again. This has caused many students to lose focus and goof off in class. Some students will even leave and skip school for the sun, especially seniors who seem to have gotten as lazy as they possibly can after Spring Break. The only thing most of them are worrying about is passing classes and getting their Senior Project done. Not only this but now they’re more worried about Prom and graduation.


Everyone is getting very excited about Prom and are always talking about it around this time as seniors are trying to find dates and figure out the plan before and after. Once the sun came out, game over. On the other hand, this beautiful weather HAS been really good for all the spring sports. People are loving it, even if it is a little too hot to run around occasionally. But, mostly the weather has made everyone be in a good mood. The sun makes people happy and Beaverton High School vibrant.

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