The Power of EDM

By Cole Cooper, senior


There is a new genre of music taking over in 2016, and it’s only getting bigger. EDM or otherwise known as Electronic Dance Music is taking the world stage and millions are coming to watch. This style of music has been around since the late 1980s when people were just first figuring out how to use drum machines and synthesizers to create sounds you were not able to make using a real instrument. Nowadays, DJs have become so much more diverse in their music making. Now, they are remixing songs adding their personal touches and even creating their own songs from scratch.

Although the movement started many years ago, it was not until recently when it actually started to take off and popularize across the globe. The reason it has become so popular is because when you hear that beat start and build up you just get this unexplainable great feeling, and you just want to dance. EDM has brought many people together not just because of the music, but the atmosphere when the music is playing. When you go to a show or festival there are no judgements. Everyone is free and in that moment you can be whoever you want. One of the things that all ravers live by is PLUR, Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. This is the lifeblood of EDM, and it would never flourish without such a great community of people coming together for something bigger than themselves.



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