Persistence Is Key

By Anna Lorati, sophomore


When I was younger, I was never the greatest at sports. I’d consider myself athletic, but it’s not like I’m gifted of any sort. I’ve always felt mediocre about it. I used to play softball and basketball, but I eventually quit both of them because I felt like I wasn’t as good as my other teammates. But all of that started to change when I started high school.

Freshman year, I started playing racquetball and it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and has helped shape who I am as a person. When I first started, it was just something fun for me to play, but as the season went on I got serious about the sport. I was playing a lot and by the end of the season I got pretty good. My doubles partner and I ended up getting 1st place in our division at State.

But this year, as a sophomore, I learned one of the most valuable lessons there is to learn; persistence. Once racquetball season came along, I realized how much tennis had affected my racquetball game. So I made the decision to come to practice every single day, and I worked really hard. I would be at the gym practicing racquetball for up to 3 hours some days, and I took it really seriously. I started beating people I always used to lose to, and that was a great feeling. But the cherry on top was when I was undefeated at states, winning all of my matches.

My whole racquetball experience has made me realize that hard work trumps talent any day. I learned that being persistent and never giving up is important, and that carried through to other areas in my life like school and tennis. So maybe I wasn’t the most gifted player to start with, but it sure does feel rewarding to know I worked so hard for something and succeeded at it.


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