Opening Day Is NOW.

By Cortlandt Nelsen, senior


While spring has come upon us, many of us are eager to see warmer weather here in Beaverton, Oregon. The days will become longer, the days will become warmer. There are all sorts of reasons why to love spring but one reason in particular is the baseball season starting up.

Monday blog 1

Not only are people looking forward to see their favorite major league player step out onto the field, many also get to participate in the sport such as: Little Leaguers, high schoolers, and college athletes.  Nothing is better than celebrating a traditional baseball game by rooting for the home team, eating hotdogs and popcorn, and being with friends and family.

Here locally, we can do it all by rooting on the Hillsboro Hops or you can come support the local Beaverton Beavers.  We have an awesome baseball and softball team.  While there are many activities to do during spring, I would encourage Beaverton High School students to go and support the spring sports (Baseball, Softball, Track, Lacrosse) at their games/meets this season. With nice weather, who wouldn’t want to go watch their friends and classmates compete against rivalry schools? Go Beavs!


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