The Big Dance

By Tony Johnson, senior


It’s finally the end of March, and there’s nothing better than March Madness. March Madness is the biggest tournament in D1 sports where 68 of the finest basketball teams compete head to head in a single elimination tournament. The last team standing gets to cut down the nets and it named the NCAA D1 champions. Every year around March, people all over the world tune in to experts’ advice and do as much research as they possibly can to fill out a perfect bracket for the chance to win a million dollars. The only catch is that it is extremely rare to fill out a perfect bracket; the odds are 1 in 9.2 quintillion.


Every year, right before the tournament starts, I do as much research as I possibly can. I listen to the experts’ advice and opinions and read about each team’s strengths and weaknesses. Then, with all of my knowledge, I fill out my bracket and compete against my closest friends and family.


The winner, which I NEVER am, usually is rewarded with a few dollars…a mighty prize. I think the reason I can never come out on top and be named the winner is because of all of the upsets. Every year, there is always a major upset that busts my bracket and dooms me of winning. The stats always show that the higher-seeded team is a clear favorite to win but, for some reason, the lower-seed team always finds a way to pull through and get the win. Next year, I am going to disregard the stats and seeds and just flip a coin for each pick.


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