By Gabe Roosevelt, senior


My weekends never seem to go as planned, no matter how hard I try, I don’t always get to accomplish everything I set out to do. Don’t get me wrong; the weekends always turn out to be great, and I have a wonderful time, but it’s not how I expected it to go. This last weekend, I was going to wake up early because my girlfriend was going to come over at 9 in the morning, and we were going to go on a hike at 10.

I was hoping to get to finally go on the Rock of Ages hike http://www.oregonlive.com/travel/ , but that didn’t happen. Once we accepted the fact that we weren’t going to be able to go hiking that day, we decided to still try and make the most of our day, so we headed over to Shari’s.

Following our eventful time at Shari’s, where there were teenage kids running around the diner like 8-year-old children and screaming children withe parents that didn’t seem to care, as we ate in awe. We start driving around looking for things to fill our day with and we stumble upon a shelter, so we decide to go in and see if we can look at some dogs. That was quite unsuccessful considering there was only one dog there that they would let us see but we could hear the barks of other puppies. So, we began driving around the Hillsboro area and we noticed all the murals that were all over on all the buildings. We decided to stop at as many as we could and take pictures of them.


We got so sidetracked that we forgot that we wanted to go out to The Venetian for dinner. Just like always, that didn’t happen either. Instead, we continued to explore Hillsboro, we went in all the toy shops and spent about half an hour looking at this Goodwill-style antique shop.


This concluded our Saturday, and nothing went like how it was supposed to but that’s fine because we still managed to have a great time.

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