Just Another National Title

By Hannah August, senior & Racquetball team member, and Anna Lorati, sophomore & Racquetball team member


Beaverton High School’s Racquetball team went to the national tournament during the last weekend in February. Bottom line: we killed it. Beaverton took first in girls, second in boys, and FIRST OVERALL in the nation! It was a lot of fun spending time together as a team; supporting each other and playing lots of racquetball.


It feels very rewarding to be a part of a team and support one another. Most people played between 2 and 6 matches a day,so all of us would hop around to different matches to cheer on our friends. We also discovered some of the best places to nap. The squash courts and the pool deck were the prime spots to take a little snooze.


We are both sad that it is over because it one of the best parts of the racquetball season. Spending time with our closest friends, getting to know people from other schools around the nation, and kicking butt in matches are what make this one of the best weeks of the year!



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