Forecast: Softball Success

By Tatjana Schroder, senior & varsity softball athlete


Here at Beaverton High School, we are now about 2 weeks into spring sports. Let me tell you, it’s been wet couple weeks! I’m going to be writing about the varsity softball team today. Actually, we have a game this afternoon at home against The Dalles. Woohoo, GO BEAVS!
But honestly what this is about is how much we have grown as a team and this is the year for us. We have 2 senior pitchers, along with a senior outfielder and myself the 3rd baseman. The rest of the 7 positions on the team and filled with all around talented players.


In the past 3 years our team has grown as a whole so much, with everyone becoming so tight and always having team bonding activities on the weekends…team bonding meaning messing with the baseball players, because why not?!


I’m excited to see where this softball season will take us. I hope to make it past the first round of playoffs. The team goal this season is to beat Westview. They are the best Metro League team, with Abby Greer as their starting pitcher.

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