LAX Goal: Champions

By Evan Barnard, senior & Lacrosse team member


Three years ago the Beaverton Boys’ Lacrosse team had the best season they have ever had since the program has started. They made it all the way to the final four, where they ended up losing to the eventual state champs, Lakeridge. Even though the all of the players were upset that they had lost the game, they still had smiles on their faces because they knew that they had proven to the entire state that Beaverton Lacrosse was no longer a joke.


Sadly, that same season, we graduated 18 Seniors, so we knew that these next couple of seasons were going to be rebuilding years. Luckily for us the classes of 2016 and 2017 were both very strong, and there were three freshman (Nate O, Carter O, and Evan B) on the team in 2013 who were more than ready to step up and take over their previous teammates responsibilities as leaders of the team.

The seasons of 2014 & 2015 weren’t as successful as the 2013 season, but still, they were much better than any of Beaverton’s seasons in years past. And if we are being completely honest everyone kinda new that those weren’t going to be the best seasons. But everyone was kinda okay with it because they knew that the 2016 season would be something to remember.


This year, the varsity team consists of 18 seniors, 8 juniors, 2 sophomores, and 1 freshman. Also most of the senior class has been playing lacrosse together since the fifth grade. Most of us grew up together and were a force to be reckoned with. Then when high school came around the team split up because some of us quiet and some went on to other schools. This year most of the kids who left or quit are back. With seniors Nate Oekerman, Carter Olsen, and Evan Barnard leading the team, everyone in the state better have their eyes out for this Beaverton team because they are coming for a state championship and we aren’t messing around.


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