Technology, Good or Bad?

By Cortlandt Nelsen, senior


Many think technology is bad if used daily and used for the wrong reasons but others think it’s good if used appropriately. It just so happens that many parents, including my mom, tend to be towards the side of against technology and she is always telling me to get off my phone and do other stuff that’s more important such as homework. While I do agree with the fact that technology can be a distraction and can be considered “bad”, most of the time it’s useful and can be used for “good”. We can use technology to connect with others as well as save more lives.

If we didn’t have technology, we would not have efficient ways to connect with friends and family. There would be no Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. We would simply just have to send letters back and forth. There would be no way of sharing past memories with those around us. With the power of technology we are able to share and cherish special moments that happened in our lives. We wouldn’t have phones, GPS, or computers. Technology evolves everyday with people always coming up with new and improved ideas to help make our world more simple.

Technology has also helped us save a greater amount of lives. We have had a huge advancement in medicine and medical treatments. Because of technology we are able to have access to dial 911 within seconds if there was an emergency to occur. If we didn’t have all this technology available to us, life would be a lot more complicated.

So those who are against this generation being so into technology should think twice. As it can be used for wrong reasons such as being on social media constantly, the majority of time technology is being used for good. It’s being used to help make our lives more simple.


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