Procrastination, Perfected

By Nick Balashov, senior


Procrastination… A word I am much too familiar with when it comes to school.  I’ve had my troubles with procrastinating ever since I got my first homework assignment in 1st grade.  Going into 1st grade, I had no clue homework even existed, and I still really enjoyed going to school, but once I was introduced to the the idea of bringing school work back home with me, it all went downhill from there.  Procrastinating homework became a normal thing for me getting through the school system, but it’s definitely not something I’m proud of, but it is something I have mastered.

So here I am, in my last semester of my senior year, still procrastinating about everything until the last minute, and my opinions about homework still haven’t changed.  But the good thing is I always get my work done, even if I procrastinate until literally the last minute.  Speaking of procrastinating, I seem to have been doing that for this blog all week, in addition to all my other assignments.  Now I’m sitting here busting this out, while I have 2 more assignments to finish, and my ride to school is gonna be here to pick me up in 30 minutes.  No need to wish me luck though, I always get it done.

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