Stop Snapchatting, and Talk with Me

By Rianna Ayoub, junior


Thinking about what to write a blog post about was extremely difficult for me; I’m probably the least creative person you will ever meet.

While I was sick at home, I was watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” a lot. Kim and Kourtney would not quit complaining about how much Kylie was on her phone- literally 24/7, and how it’s so disrespectful and blah blah blah. And that really got me thinking… For once, Kim and Kourtney were 1000% right.

Throughout our generation, technology has developed immensely – the main upgrade in my opinion: smartphones. Now of course, most people see this as a good thing. I’m not going to lie, smartphones sure make life a little bit easier sometimes. But I HATE how people literally stop living life because of a stupid device. Again, not gonna lie, I am a tad bit guilty of this issue. But this is why I honestly wish the cell phone, in general, did not even exist.

Phone 1

Do you not get annoyed when you try and have a conversation with someone, and after you say a whole speech they say, “Wait, what? Sorry.” Like. are you kidding me? And when you go out to eat with a friend, and they’re literally on their phone the WHOLE TIME. I actually had to ask my friend who I shall not name to put her phone in the middle. Of. The. Table. Is that some kind of joke? How do people not realize how socially impaired smartphones make them?

Although smartphones are a good form of communication, I think we all need to put them down every once in awhile, learn how to communicate properly, and go out and really see the world through something other than a Snapchat filter.


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