Spring Has Sprung?

By Cortlandt Nelsen, senior


February is coming to an end, which means winter is ending, too.  In the Northern Hemisphere, spring begins with the equinox on the 20th March. With spring being so close, there are many reasons to be excited.

SpringOne of the top reasons to look forward to spring will be having nicer weather. By living in Oregon, we dread the long winter days of the cold and rain. We Oregonians can’t wait for the day to come when we have warm, sunny days.  Other reasons to look forward to this Spring are outdoor events and cheery colors. Nothing is more fun than hanging out with friends/family in a backyard having a nice BBQ or doing outdoor activities such as a bike ride or playing catch.  Spring is a great time to bond with your family and spend more time together. Sports are definitely something to look forward to during the spring. There is nothing better than a lazy afternoon with friends or family and watching a baseball game. This could be dropping by at Beaverton High School and watching the varsity boys play or this can be going to Hillsboro and watch the Hillsboro Hops play some minor league baseball. Whatever it is, go out and enjoy the nice weather because it won’t last for long.

Spring is right around the corner and there are many things you can accomplish before the summer. So, go and get your sunglasses and sandals and go out and enjoy the spring weather.


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