Me Time

By Peter Vos, senior


A normal high school students day is around 7 hours. That’s a lot of time for a person, let alone a teenager with all their hormones and what not, to be sitting still and learning a plethora of new information. I am a firm believer that everybody needs a break once in awhile to be truly effective in their learning. Some people call this procrastination but I’m not “some people”; I call these breaks throughout the day “me time”. This can include any type of activity that deviates from what you’re expected to be doing, which usually, is learning.

Now, there are the normal activities that most people do to get a break from the constant learning that happens during school, like going to the bathroom or getting water and taking the long way back to class so that you can waste some more time. But I’ve been doing this for a couple years now and through all my experiences of trying to deviate from what I’m supposed to be doing I have learned a thing or two.

This year, one of my main “me time” activities has been It first started out in AP Psych, when we would get ChromeBooks to study, but obviously we can’t study the whole time; we lose our effectiveness if we don’t have a break so some of us started playing this game in order to optimize the time when we actually were studying. It started on the computer but now there’s an app for it, and it’s a fun game that kills time and also you can collaborate with friends, so it’s really the perfect activity.

Now this next “me time” activity isn’t much of an activity at all, to be honest, but there’s no doubt about it’s effectiveness in giving me the break I search for while at School. I’m sure a good amount of the viewership on this blog thinks the artist I’m about to mention is a conceded *insert bad word here*, and you probably aren’t wrong but I, and many others still love his music. Kanye West came out with an album last week and I have essentially listened to it non stop. The album is called The Life of Pablo, Pablo being Pablo Escobar and/or Pablo Picasso, Kanye refers to himself as a genius and whether you personally classify him or the two Pablo’s geniuses, it’s pretty hard to deny that they’ve had a big impact on society. Anyways, the album has definitely helped me deviate from the things I’m supposed to do at School, which is the point.

This whole week I’ve had the job of writing this blog and since I’ve known the topic of “Procrastination,” I have done everything I can to not be on task so that I can fully practice what I’m preaching. So I am finishing up this blog at 2:30 PM on the day it’s due, and I fully believe that because of all the “me time” I took this week, avoiding writing this, the blog and probably the universe is better for it.


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