Middle School Woes

By Hazel Reynolds, sophomore


Yes, the rumors are true, middle school is the absolute worst. I can definitely testify to that; I attended that terrible place in between elementary and high school. Now, I’m not saying the school itself is bad, just the overall attitude of my peers is what made me want to stay in bed all day. I cringed every time I heard a fart joke or something regarding gross bodily functions; I spent about half my day cringing. 
Hazel 1
Also, the extremely awkward “couples” are the worst thing that has ever happened to the American school system. I can admit that I, too, have fallen into a the stereotype as half of one of those awkward middle school couples. It was a whole lot of texting and no eye contact. You might be asking yourself how did I survive a place full of potty humor and just overall uncomfortableness? The answer: hope. Hope of high school. As a middle schooler, all I ever wanted to be was older and in high school. It was the light at the end of an extremely long, three-year tunnel.
Hazel 2

A lot of people told me that high school isn’t that much better than what comes before it. But, that is false, and question those people’s sanity. Middle school doesn’t allow you to be different; there is no “discovering who you are”; everyone is a follower; and everyone has the same fear, standing out from the crowd. High school promotes diversity – well, maybe not all high schools – but Beaverton definitely does, and that is something I have appreciated about BHS since my first day. It’s fun to be different; it’s fun to dye your hair purple or wear a fuzzy animal tail; it’s fun realizing who you are and who you want to be. It’s important. The people that choose to show who they are regardless of what that may be is what makes high school so much better than middle school. If you’re in middle, be yourself, and know that high school is much better. And if you’re not in middle school, just unhappy about your current state, understand that, even though I’m only a high schooler, I know it will get better.


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