By Max Murai, senior


When I stepped into Cascade Athletic Club (CAC for short). I felt nervous, tired, and carsick. But I had to fight through it. Racquetball is the most underrated sport, you got kids hitting the ball 125 mph. Half the time, I can’t even see the ball; I just start swinging with my eyes closed and hope I make contact with something, with all luck the ball.

RB 1.jpg

Racquetball matches start with both players warming up by hitting the ball and practicing shots. I have a special skiIl; what I do is I try to hit the ball as hard as I can to intimidate my opponent, of course. I’m not aiming at anything, just trying to wow him with my impressive strength and shot-making abilities. If he only knew… Then, when both players are ready, the match begins. Once the first ball is served, all technique goes out the window. It’s survival mode. Some skilled racquetball players have a game plan that they play by; I am not one of those players so it’s all based on instinct.
RB 2

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