A Letter to the BHS Student Body on “Why Musicals are Fun.”

By Samuel Manilla, senior


Hey BHS,

As you know, the Spring Musical is coming up, and this year hopes to be both momentous and amazing because the BHS Theater department is putting on a production of “Grease, the Musical,” harkening back to the days of James Erickson (former theater director at BHS; he was kind of a big deal). Mr. Dery has some big plans for Grease, and is hoping to pull off some Broadway-caliber theatrics, including (but not limited to):

  • A massive jukebox!

  • Live music accompaniment (in the form of the BHS Band)!

  • Lights!

  • A freaking car on the stage!


But here’s the deal, none of this is possible without PEOPLE. Seriously, the drama department has, like, 12 people in total.

Now, most people hear this and think “Gee whiz, I love Grease! But I can’t sing, and I can barely dance, I’m probably not good enough to get in… I may as well not even audition…” This train of thinking is wrong, and I refuse to stand for it.

While it’s a fair assumption that tone-deafness and serious lack of rhythm will probably hinder your attempts to get a main role, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a part of this incredibly fun activity. Therefore, I have for you TWO (count ‘em, TWO) ways you can still be a part of Grease without a main part:


Can’t sing? Can’t dance? Do you have a weird affinity for power tools? Well then, crew is the place for you!

Crew is the group of amazing, visually-oriented masters of woodwork and paint. They’re the people in charge of building and managing the set, and they yell at the actors for playing with props that don’t belong to them. Crew is an immeasurably important part of theater because without Crew, the play doesn’t happen.

In Crew, you can also meet some incredible people, and form friendships with people you probably didn’t even know existed. Honestly, I’ve heard from my Crew friends that it was the best decision that they’ve made in high school. It’s an integral part of Theater, and it’s also SUPER FUN.



Ensemble is the fantastically amazing group of people that serve as the backup singers/dancers for the show; they exist to add visual and audible layering to the performance, and WOW does it make a difference (watch this video, then picture it with JUST the main cast. It’s just not as cool, is it?). Ensemble people are also just fun to be around, and you get to have way more fun on stage.

This one is near and dear to my heart, so forgive me if I ramble: last year, I auditioned for the school  musical, Little Shop of Horrors. Sadly, I didn’t get the part (my friend Dane got it, and honestly I think he did a better job than I would have). Instead of quitting, I decided to stick with it and hang out with the other ensemble peeps; quite frankly, it was probably one of the best experiences of my high school career. I made some awesome new friends, and had tons of fun (some of my fondest memories were of my friend Kassi and I pantomiming stupid stuff during the major musical numbers).


I’ve probably done a terrible job stating my case, but I feel like my point still stands: join the musical! It’s a ton of fun, and you’re sure to make some new friends.


P.S. I realize that by the time this has posted, auditions will probably have come and gone, but that’s okay, just talk to Mr. Dery! If you’re thinking of joining crew, he’ll help you get signed up; if you’re wanting to joining the ensemble, he’ll probably give you an audition on the spot. He can usually be found in the Drama Room on A days.



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