By Tatjana Schroeder, senior


Involvement within Beaverton High School is amazing. Many schools throughout the Beaverton School District say they are very involved schools but nothing compares to BHS. Week of Wishes is the week that BHS works with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to raise money to sponsor wishes.


How I was drawn in…

BHS offers a Sports and Event Marketing class, that I was in last year. Through this class, I had the opportunity to work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. This was a chance to meet with businesses to obtain sponsorships, bring in donations, and run a fabulous week of events at BHS to raise money and grant wishes.


The feeling of putting on an event to help others is like none other. Working hard, being in a team, and involving in the community is fantastic experience. After all of it is done, it is so rewarding to see the smile on everybody’s faces.

R Bs 1

The community at Beaverton High School is so strong and supportive. Everyone comes together, shows support, and cheers for our team. The outcome of this event is just remarkable. Every year there is definitely no disappointment. The gym comes alive and there is so much energy flowing through the air, all for a cause that demonstrates the power of community. That’s what keeps it exciting!


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